Did You Celebrate Cinco De Mayo Yesterday?

All kinds of important dates are coming up. Last week we celebrated the day we sent an American into space. Yesterday was May 5th, or Cinco De Mayo. Did you celebrate it? Today I thought it’d be fun to do a little write up that talks about this holiday and why we celebrate it here in the US.

A little background

In the 1800’s, the French occupied Mexico and it was a source of a lot of anxiety, war, and turmoil for the Mexican people. After all, no one likes being controlled by someone else. May 5th in 1862 marks the day when Mexico gained its independence from the French. The United States provided military and political assistance which helped this process.

That’s why it’s both a Mexican and US holiday.

Do you have any Cinco De Mayo traditions? In my family, we usually have some sort of Mexican food meal. This year we had fish tacos (halibut and tilapia), spanish rice, quesadillas, chips, and guacamole.  I tried to get my family to wear sombreros and do a pinata. I guess that was too much work.

We’d love to hear how you celebrated your Cinco De Mayo.  Head on over to our facebook page right now. At the moment we’re asking an interesting question about margaritas.

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