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Derek Jeter Modify Watches

Let’s play a little game called word association.  When we say “Englebert”, the first thing that comes to your mind is obviously “Humperdink”.  When we say “watches that look so good on you that you don’t need to wear clothes”, we’re guessing you’re thinking “Modify”.  But when we say “Derek Jeter”, you may either think 1) “OMG, what a delicious piece of man-meat he is.  I’d like to have him and some avocado in a tasty sandwich.” or 2) “The Captain – I can’t believe there might be an inning of Yankees baseball without him someday”, or 3) “***ing Derek Jeter.  That dude’s been killing my team for like 20 years now!!!”.   But Modify Watches is ready to change all that.  We would like to introduce the ideal Derek Jeter gift from Modify Watches….

Derek Jeter Modify Watches

The Derek Jeter gift for Derek Jeter lovers: if you had 3,000 hits, 5 world titles and 1.5 million likes on Facebook, you’d get your own Modify too

So why did Modify make a Derek Jeter watch?  You might think it’s the crazy success, the beautiful women that flock to him, or that he exemplifies the Yankee Way?  Nope.   It’s all quite simple – some people (sources have been made up to protect the identity of anyone real) think that Aaron looks a lot like Derek Jeter.  Crazy?  Maybe.  But you be the judge:

Who’s the real Captain? Jeter or Captain Modify?

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