Custom Watches for the Tech Giants, part 1

After designing custom watches for the Pac-12 (nee Pac-10), we built a relationship with a great promotional marketing company. They bought Modify Watches to send to all of their clients (1,000 in all). Ashil designed the watches and we learned a lot from the process

  • There’s a big difference between slapping a logo onto a product and actually designing a product. We – Ashil, not me, so I guess it’s a Royal We – are great at taking a brand’s identity and expressing that through our custom watch designs
  • From a business side, custom watchwholesaling has some major tradeoffs
    • Increased reach (we gain more customers more quickly) – #Awesome
    • Decreased interaction (we don’t get to build relationships as we do when we can write a personalized note to each of our online customers) – #Miserable
    • Quality Control can be a pain in the [expletive-deleted]
    • There’s a reason companies outsource logistics

12 Schools?!?!? We'll need to rename the whole thing!

One of the gift recipients was an omnipresent tech giant; they asked us to create unique Modify Watches for both their mobile and web browser teams.  In a stunning turn of events, we said “YES”.

We will NEVER reveal our custom watch sources

We were a little wary of our manufacturer (full disclosure, I’m one of the more unnecessarily nervous people in the world – I have unreasonable fears of people punching me when I walk down the street). So we ordered about 2,300 watches and checked every single one. Imagine walking on the beach and picking up 2,300 sea shells. Then imagine looking at the front, back, top, bottom of each one and inspecting it for sand. If one of the shells has sand that you cannot blow off, you put that in a Hazardous pile.

Well, for 3 days I worked from my living room – we’re a startup so no apologies and, frankly, our living room was a more permanent office than I ever had in my 4 years at Deloitte.

ANYWAY, many friends including Saumil Shah and the great David Davies (he who designed our website and is a mesmerizingly great blogger at sat on the floor and helped with the fulfillment. In our penny-wise-pound-foolish manner, we decided to package the watches as well (thereby earning a little bit more money). What does an apartment look like with 2,000 custom watch boxes?

1 down, 1,999 to go

What does a fiancée look like who thought the packaging process would take 3 days?

Angry Ashley

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