Custom Watches at Lighting Speeds

Okay, maybe not lightning speeds (lightning travels really fast) but Modify Watches site is now upwards of 60% faster due to the implementation of Google’s new Page Speed Service. That means that you can build your custom watch collection that much faster! The team is pretty excited to be able to provide a better browsing experience for our awesome customers. We are also very excited about the opportunity that we were given to be able to provide this enhanced viewing experience: Modify was invited to be one of the first websites to beta test the Page Speed Service (PSS)!

Yes, I know, that is awesome. How did this happen, you ask? Well, one of our customers by the name of AJ Frank reached out to Aaron and invited us to join the super-secret private beta of the PSS and, of course, he accepted! Modify’s Practitioner of Web Wizardy, also know as “Sean the Intern” who is currently guest-writing this blog post, was brought into the mix to actually integrate the service into the website.

The process of implementing the service was actually fairly simple and the PSS team was there to guide us the whole way through. All we had to do was alter the way that our domain handles traffic and leave the rest up to Google! Their incredible service works by rewriting web content to comply with internet best-standards (which is quite a hassle to do manually) and displays that content from Google’s servers.

You can check out the side-by-side loading differences at the Page Speed Service Gallery where Modify Watches’ website has been featured! (Yes, we are bragging a little bit about how awesome this is) Or, you can head over to the Modify Watch website and witness the uber loading speeds yourself.

Overall, we think that participating in the PSS beta test was fun and will seriously improve our customers’ experience, which at the end of the day is the most important thing.

Thanks again to AJ Frank and the entire PSS team for extending the invitation to Modify! We are truly honored :)

Signing Off,
Sean Linehan

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