Custom Watch. *The* Way to Let People Know You’re the Boss


Custom watches are in, but they’re kind of expensive. I tried to call Jacob the Jeweler, but that guy isn’t even listed in the Yellow Pages.

[By the way, I LOVE the Yellow Pages. They’re the pinnacle of delivering on a brand promise, with so many yellow pages. I have always believed that my calling was to start a business with 4 A’s in it, so that I could be first. Something like, Aaron’s Awesome Assimilation Company (“AaAAC, Inc.”) – “We help you fit in, even if you have a really annoying laugh”. ]

Anyway, creating a custom watch has been pre-tty difficult even for the best watch companies. The results would either be boring


“A Custom Watch”

Or more boring


Those are pre-tty boring, right? Riiiiiiiiight? Maybe you get to choose if it’s gold or silver, but then what?

Well, when we started Modify in 2010, we built ourselves into a design company. Ashil had run a design studio for nearly a decade before he committed to putting awesome art onto the 1.5”x1.5” canvas of a Modify Watch. And the results have been pretty special.

Sports enthusiast? Check out the custom watch we did for Nike.



Fallout superfan? Go get your Vault Boy watch right here. We’ve created custom products for dozens of brands like Google, HP, Shutterfly, the WNBA, Deloitte, SurveyMonkey, Mailchimp. You can see some of the work here, and read reviews from many of those brands here.

Our process for working with brands is pretty simple. We’re members of ASI (#71962), and have been fortunate to work with some amazing distribution partners like Canary Marketing and Corporate Couture on the West Coast, and more around the country. These companies are product wizards. They’ll introduce us to their clients, and Ashil will iterate (sometimes over a dozen times), working on creating *the* perfect watch. Our production time is normally a month too, which means that you can get your personalized watches PDQ (pretty darn quick).


Anyway, if you’d like a custom watch for your brand, let us know by emailing We’ll get crack-a-lacking and collaborate with you to create some unique swag that your team can wear with pride, and which you can sell to fans or use to recruit the best employees in the world.


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