Custom Watch Inspiration


We’re really excited about our Mod to Order Kickstarter campaign. When we started Modify in 2010, one of our goals was to let you Show Your Colors!


And we hear ya, ModiFamily: you want to customize watches! Whether for personal, business, or group, we have received lots of neat ideas. Below is a list that we hope inspires your creative side! Note the avocado in this image. Whatever floats your boat.. we won’t judge!

Get busy designing, or get busy dying.

Custom Watches Inspiration



  • Photos of the cutest kids in the world… your little munchkin(s)!
  • Picasso quality art drawn by your little munchkins
  • A picture of the mister or Mrs., or anyone your hold near and dear
  • Family reunion gifts or family vacation mementos
  • Wedding party! We’ve already done a few of these, starting in 2011 with Aaron’s brother’s wedding. His name is Zach. He’s taken, sorry ladies.
  • Holiday gifts to the whole fam (so no one feels left out)… imagine gifting your face on a watch face
  • Hell’s Angels, if you’re in that family


Social Groups

  • Sororities and Fraternities
  • Cycling team
  • Softball team
  • Zumba team (?) or, you know, a watch with Shonte (sp?) on it or Billy Blanks
  • Art! Dance! Anything creative!
  • Wabash, IN city hall …
  • From Portland? Put a bird on it




  • Did your team just complete an awesome project?
  • Do you have a small team and want some cool year-end gifts?
  • Do you want to impress new recruits?
  • Do you have your own cool brand and you want to sell it to other people?



  • Challenge Gifts!
  • Big donor Gifts!
  • Attendee packages!


Affinity Groups


  • Dog lovers
  • Cat lovers (we think there are cat lovers out there)
  • Video game enthusiasts – put your character on a watch, homey


Events and Graduations and Bears, oh my

  • Prize-recipients (Hackathon, race, etc.)
  • Trade School graduates

Group hands circle

If you are a movie star –  Put your own face on a watch!

If you are a ballet dancer – Put your own face on a watch!

If you are a dog – Put your owner’s face on a watch!

If you really like Aaron – put his face on a watch!

Aaron with Snickers -Pride 2013




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