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So you buy a Modify Watch. Wait a couple days, and whala! Its in your mailbox! What is the first thing you see? The box, of course. That’s why here at Modify Industries, we don’t just create a custom watch, but we created custom cool packaging, too! We believe that good packaging has useful (and interesting!) content, is visually appealing, uses minimal materials, and is easy for the customer to use. To us, well-designed packaging should evoke feelings of excitement, curiosity, and anticipation. Then, of course, you can get some colorful watches.

We thought our old watch packaging was great. Someone even compared it to opening an Apple product … no big deal. It was complex yet easy, and told the story of the Modify Way. It even showed you how to Modify!

But, we have to stick to our core values. After all, we are Modify. Check out our Facebook page, and you’ll love how we listen to our customers. For our packaging, tons of our customers (some who have over 80 watches!) asked us for a good place to keep their watches. The sock drawer just wasn’t working anymore, because that is for, well, socks. So you asked, and we answered!


We built a new box (next, we might re-invent the wheel…). Instead of a giant fold-out box, we made it a sliding box that can double as your very own Modify watch holder. It has been dubbed the “official Mod holder”. We ditched our old strap box so we can ship watches as effectively as possible. We carefully designed it to ship as much or as little product as possible; the new packaging can hold at least 8 classic bands, 9 mini bands, 14 in-box faces, or $103.62 as a change-collector. Your choice. The possibilities are endless

Importantly, we wanted to reduce our carbon footprint, so we used less material. By you using the box as an official Mod holder, you’re already helping the environment, and the other part of the box is already small, which uses less. It also has a little recycling reminder on there for you! Throw it in the recycle bin, so we can eventually make you a new box when you order another watch!

Creating effective product packaging is like constructing the perfect play in football, according to Ashil’s earlier post. For the sake of copyright, I’ll use a baseball reference. We thought we had hit the homerun with our packaging, but the defense (customers) robbed the ball at the fence. So we knew we had to do something different to really wow the defense. You told us what you wanted, and so we responded. And if you want anything else, holler at us!

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