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Mod-to-Order has allowed us to create custom Mods with some pretty talented people. Our latest partnership is with Brian Hazard of Color Theory! This month, Brian celebrates the 20th anniversary of his first album, so we had him design custom watches for his fans and our fans to vote on. The design that ends up with the most votes will be produced and sold on our website! You can also win the winning design by entering and voting for your favorite watch HERE.

We asked Brian to give us some background on his music career. Check it out!



Brian and his family

80’s synthpop is in my blood, but I mostly listen to Electronic Dance Music these days. My songs draw from both, fleshed out with piano accompaniment. Anyone who took music lessons as a kid calls themselves “classically trained,” but I stuck with it, earning a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance. Immediately after graduation, I left Beethoven and Brahms behind to pursue my first musical inspiration, Depeche Mode.

My journey as a recording artist began with the release of the first Color Theory album, Sketches in Grey, in June of 1994. 20 years and nearly as many releases later, I’m still developing and evolving – dare I say, maturing – as an artist. Those shifts are catalogued in three Adjustments EPs, which will culminate in my 9th full-length album next year.

Thank you for joining me on this incredible ride, detours and all.


No pianos were actually harmed in the making of this photo

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