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Choosing your watch

One of the benefits of Modify is the incredible choice. Ashil, our Creative Director, is, um, creative. So we have a LOT of product options. We’re kind of like Bob Ross. Except with really, really, ridiculously cool watches.

Colorful Watches

Now, you want to be a fashionista, but you don’t want to end up like this. We’ve got you covered and can help choose your watch with this very simple schema:

Path 1: Dig deep into your heart and figure out your mood.

You could say that we are the 2014 version of those 90’s mood rings that you abided by in grade school. They affected how you acted towards others, and your general attitude for your entire day. We like to think of our watches as mood-changers. For example, if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, you better slap on the “Supersonicas” ( green face, yellow strap). This will immediately throw you into a whirlwind of positive vibes. Aaron woke up at 4:30 am today, so he threw this on to try and turn his day around. He was very, very nice to all of us (we’re kissing up).

Maybe you woke up, threw on your vans, looked in the mirror, and said “wow, I am the coolest today”. So you throw on the “Ecto Cooler” (blue strap, green face), because you are going to be Ecto-Cooler than the rest. Note: Nothing wrong with punning while Modding.

Path 2: Wake up. Put on clothes. Match Mod to clothes.

It’s always easy to match with clothing. Today I decided to rock the “Brady Bunch of One” (red strap, white face) because I’ve got a red and white shirt on. It just makes too much sense. Other common items that are matched are shoes. Any color shoes, we’ve got the watch to match. There’s no need to ever have a naked, uncoordinated wrist. Just throw on the “80’s Kicks” to match your groovy disco boots.

Option 3: Get Naked. Choose your watch. Find clothing to match.

Before you make any clothing choices – read: When you’re naked – throw a Modify on. And build from there. Its that simple.

Option 4: Accentuate your deepest colors.

If you’ve got eyes like oceans, flaunt those lookers when you choose your watch to match. Let everyone know it. Throw on the blue strap to bring out those eyes. Green eyes? Green strap is coming out TO-DAY. Red head? Put a nice yellow or something on to contrast, and enhance your natural colors. No expensive Covergirl products necessary. We’ll make you into a Modigirl. Or guy. “Easy. Breezy. Beautiful. Modigirl”. Yeah, let’s go with that. By the way, if you’re Red Lightning, you can wear whatever you want.

Option 5: Disregard all advice.

In this option, you forget your training. Every tip given is not important to you, and you put on a Mod that has nothing to do with your mood, clothing, or eyes. You just put a random one on just for the sake of wearing a mod. Aaron is great at this.

Our buyer’s guide can show you the way to the Moditruth. Keep searching for Modify nirvana.

Let us know when you find the perfect Mod. (That’s a trick question, because there is none. We love each of our watch-children equally).



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