Change Your Life to Fit Your Modify? Or Change Your Modify to Fit Your Life?

Coover here again – reporting live from Modify Asia HQ (my Korean couch).

As we get closer and closer to the launch of Modify 2.0 and our initial experimentation with two sizes (BIGGER = similar to our current size, and BIG = 20% smaller than our current size), I got to thinking how much enjoy my big (ie. BIGGER) Modify.

Ever since we got started in July 2010, my Modify has been glued to my wrist (with various straps and faces) to the point where I think my wrist gets cold when I take it off.   I seriously don’t think I’ve been without a Modify for more than 15 hours for the last 15 months [editor’s note: Gary doesn’t shower enough].  And it’s not because I work for the company [editor’s note: awesome company], but I think it’s just become a part of me and my personality.

My Mod takes a rare breather from its arduous life of wrist-beautification to soak in the rays at Koh Phi Phi in Thailand

At first, I always worried about how I would change my Modify to fit my life.  For example, I’d wear the silver face and black strap (named “Old Faithful”) to business meetings, the grey strap and green face (99 problems) on vacations and blue strap and pink face (Humpty Dumpty) when I wanted to get my dance on.  You get it.  The Modify was always chosen to match the outfit or the mood.

But now?  Now I just change my life to match my Modify.  It’s waaaaay more fun.  Today was a nice example.   I was looking to get a little latte action to-go at a coffee shop by my apartment in Seoul.  Rather than go to your standard Starbucks or any of the millions of Seoul coffee shops that would provide standard size cups that would make my Mod feel fat, I went to Big Mugs Coffee.   And look at the size of the take away cup!  It was nearly as wide as it was tall and felt like a holding a small bucket in my hand.  And my Mod was grateful.

A coffee cup designed to make my Mod feel skinny

But maybe the best example is my shirts I had had made recently.  In Korea (and most of Asia), a nice little bonus is that it’s just as cheap to have a shirt tailor-made as it is to buy it in a department store, which is mostly because department stores are RIDICULOUSLY expensive.   When I went to the tailor to get some dress shirts made, the tailor said he would make my left cuff bigger than my right so that my Mod would have room to breathe.   It felt like a pretty big commitment (who wants uneven cuffs?  What if my Mod and I broke up and all I had was a big cuff to remember it by?), but I just can’t imagine a world where I’m not wearing a Modify to work, so uneven cuffs it was!

Try not to think of the man-hands Seinfeld episode and instead notice how the left cuff has extra space to fit my Mod, while the right cuff fits snuggly to prevent any drafts.


What’s the moral of the story?  Don’t run with scissors.

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