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abby and christine modify
Our Mod-friends Abby & Christine shared this great YouTube video yesterday. Thanks for the support you guys, we love it! And we dig the mod sets you put together.  

The U.S. Post Office – Our friend and yours

We (well I, Aaron) love the post office. My favorite time of day is when I get to open the little box and see what has arrived. Maybe it’s because my mom sometimes sends gluten-free cookies. And maybe it’s because sometimes we receive checks in the mail (sometimes). I...

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

modify valentines
If you are a guy, and you don’t know what to give your spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, significant other, or your Starbucks Barista (no judgment here) for Valentine’s Day, then you have come to right spot. In order to help you out a little here, let’s just cut the chases and...

USA vs. the Rest of the World

The ModiWorlds 2012 Bracket
Every four years, the world watches as our greatest athletes compete for Olympic Gold and eternal glory! Except for handball. They really don’t get much glory (even if they win). We couldn’t afford tickets to London or find a place to stay (and we assume the same holds true for most...

Modify Watches Introduces America Time – The New USA Watch

Banner Picture
U. S. A! U.S.A! USA Watch! (It’s limited edition, so get yours now!) Four score and seven years…actually, scratch that. Just a few weeks ago, we (Modify HQ) decided to make an America Time (‘merica Time) watch. With the 4th of July, elections, and the Olympics this year, it’s a good...

Modify Watches — Teeing off in the Greg Jenning’s Celebrity Golf Tournament

Greg Jennings Cover Photo 2
Modify Watches  recently had the opportunity to support a worthy cause with interchangeable watches. We jumped at the opportunity to help the Superbowl Champion, Green Bay Packers wide receiver, and philanthropic man Greg Jennings!  The Greg Jennings Foundation recently held a sold-out celebrity golf tournament to raise awareness and money...

Michael Klapthor is Modify Watches’ Second WonderRoot Artist!

Michael Klapthor - Modify Watches
Modify Watches  is happy to feature its second WonderRoot artist, Michael Klapthor!  If you missed our first WonderRoot Artist, check out Kyle Brooks. For 10 years, Michael Klapthor has been working in ceramics. His robot inspiration came from childhood favorites such as Mega Man and Astro Boy.  Why? Because “they...

How Modify’s McQueen Watch Got Its Name

McQueen cover photo
Dope Watches can only have ultimately dope names. And that’s the case for the McQueen. It’s simple, it’s classic, and it’s quintessentially cool. Who else fits this bill? Steve McQueen, Mr. King of Cool. Whether he’s great escaping from a WWII POW camp or saving a village from Calvera, he gets things done.  If...

WonderRoot and Modify Partner for the Together Watch Fundraising Campaign

WonderRoot + Together
Modify is THRILLED to partner with Atlanta-based non-profit, WonderRoot. During the month of June, for every ‘Together‘ watch sold, $20 will go to directly benefit our amazing non-profit partner. – WonderRoot is a family of designers, musicians, social justice workers and career volunteers.  Day in and day out these people...

Dope Watches? You clearly mean Modify Watches

Dope Watches - Modify Watches
Are you on the lookout for dope watch?  Turns out you came to the right place.  Modify Watches is not only the king of dope watches… but it’s the king of dope watches.  You heard?!?! But please, PLEASE, please don’t think we’re some hiphopopotamus or rhymenocerous with baseless claims...

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