Modify’s E-Commerce Update

amazon shopping cart
Big news ModiFamily, do you know where Modify was spotted online yesterday? We will give you three guesses of where you can pick-up your next mod fix (and no cheating on Facebook). Okay, time’s up. Modify Watches are now available on! Schweeeeet! This means you can now find...

Matching Mod Couples Sets

modify couples set
Ready, Set, Go…Valentine’s week starts NOW. Thursday will be here before we know it, and if you are still looking for the perfect gift, look no further. Modify has created some sweet couples sets so you and your sig-o (significant other;) can celebrate the day of love in coordinating...

Hangr 16 and Modify Trunk Show (August 9)!

It’s only taken us two years (not, Jeremy Piven, ten years, man). But we’re finally partnering with retailers. Right now we have four great partners in the SF Bay Area, and the newest, Hangr 16, is throwing a Trunk Show on our behalf! They seem to like our colorful...

UC Berkeley’s Own Oski the Bear Makes his Mod-debut

Oski in Blue and Yellow
Attention all you Cal Berkeley alumni – the greatest gift that has ever come out of Berkeley (ahem – besides the 22 Nobel Prize winners), is now ready for sale and for gifting to Cal fans young and old.  Please welcome the newest addition to Modify Watches – the...

Brian Wilson Watch = Modify Watches + Brian Wilson’s Beard

Brian Wilson Modify Watches - pure awesome
When we first thought about partnering with the MLB Players Association  to create Modify for the baseball world, we had two things in mind: 1) can we make watches that smell like garlic fries, sunflower seeds and Topps bubble gum?, and 2) how soon can we make a Brian Wilson...

Superjail! Fun for the Entire Family

Adult Swim Modify Watch
We are quite proud to announce a limited-edition Superjail! Modify watch, featuring the one (and only) Warden! We worked with he [adult swim] team to design this special little guy… he has a doooooope face and two straps, black and purple. You can buy it here . Then you can...

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