Modify Listens to the ModiFamily :)

Modify was recently featured by Direct Marketing News!. Aaron chatted with Tim Peterson, a great journalist whom you can follow on his Twitter feed, @TDPeterson. We discussed the Napkin Labs “Brainstorm” application, which many of you have interacted with on the Modify Facebook page.   The idea behind Brainstorm...

Modify named to Top-100 Startups List, Invited to the White House!

On November 17, 2011 Modify was invited to a White House ceremony honoring the top-100 young startups in the U.S. We were named part of the Empact 100 list, which “recognizes the top 100 companies run by young entrepreneurs age 30 or younger who impact our economy and inspire others to...

Modify on the blogrolls

As always, these are actual Modify reviews from actual ModiFamily members (mainly moms, who seem to loooooove Modify as gifts for themselves and their husbands (and yes, sometimes their kids) The Brave Ski Mom Highlight: “What’s cool is that every watch face can be put into every strap, so they...

Dem Press Boys All Like “Modify? Wooooooweeeeeee!!!!”

Some constant themes? People seem to love the fact that Modify watches are “interchangeable watches“. Others note that we’re a great way to build your own watches. If you don’t believe me, see some of the reviews below! Yahoo! Shine Highlight: “Every teen needs a good watch, but don’t bore...

Sneakerhead love for Modify

Great review from Kicks Addict! Looks like Modify does a pre-tty nif-ty job if you want to match your kicks, mr. and mrs. sneakerhead. Aaron is Mr. New Balance, so he only wears the white-gray combos… Check out the Kicks Addict review: “Modify Watches launched its sophomore collection of dope...

Thrillist says “STYLE” to Modify Interchangeable Watches

We launched our product on 11/11/11… and on the first day, our interchangeable watches were featured on Thrillist!

News. Modify. Check it. Interchangeable Watch. Democracy.

Blog: Watch Match Maker Link: Highlights: “Where Modify watch soars is in the design, which is very modern and takes its cues from Bauhaus with its geometric lines and forms: a circular dial within a square palette.” “What was the reaction to me wearing this watch? I was stunned to find...

And the (Modify review) hits keep coming

Blog: My Four Monkeys Link: Highlight: “Do you or someone you love have a bold fashion sense? Do you like bright colors and fun funky accessories? Then you will definitely want to check out Modify Watches. […] Durable and sporty, Modify Watches allow you to express yourself with a different color...

Modify in the Newsies OR Why top-ten movies ever should be repeated every day on TV

Blog: Planes, Trains & Taxi Cabs Link: Highlight: “Modify Watches are modular. The faces and the straps are interchangable. With a variety of faces and straps, the combinations are endless and … awesome! Grandpa is “modeling” the black face with the black band. Classic colors for any day!” Blog: As Mom Sees It Link:

Dear Bloggers, Thanks for Reviewing Modify

A few posts about Modify Blog: Mommy Niri Link: Highlight: “Not only is the watch face bold and clear, the straps are soft and comfortable. The best part? You can change the strap to give it a fresh look or to match your outfit (or mood).”

Great choice. Really, really great choice!

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