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We give and we give and we GIVE. [insert whining sound] And then, when we’re fed up with the ModiFamily (fake fed-up, just go with it) you go and send us care packages. Like, really cool care packages, way cooler than some colorful watches. Well, in the last few...

BAYCAT + Modify Are Finally *Together*

We could not be more proud than to partner with BAYCAT.org, “a non-profit community media producer that educates, empowers and employs underserved youth and adults in the digital media arts.” You can read below to find out more about the backstory and why we think BAYCAT is incredible. But...

UC Berkeley BPlan Finalist!

BPlan finalist photo!
This past week, the Modify team participated in the UC Berkeley Startup Competition (aka “Bplan”). We applied in January and were accepted as semi-finalists from a pool of 150+ entrants.  On Tuesday, three of us presented to an esteemed panel of venture capitalists, angel investors and lawyers. We’ll call...

Modify Partners with the Exergy TWENTY12 Professional Cycling Team

Exergy 2012 Team - Sponsored by Modify Watches
Modify Watches is excited to announce that it is partnering  with the Exergy Twenty12 Women’s Professional Cycling Team.  The Exergy TWENTY12 team is composed of 16 kick-ass cyclists from around the world, led by by 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist and 2009 World Time Trial Champion Kristin Armstrong. Does your brand...

Some Hot New Photos of Modify Watches from FotoEnvy

Every single person featured in these photos is cooler than all of us at Modify Watches.  Yes, even cooler than Sean.
Every now and then, Modify gets a little lucky.  Some days, Aaron gets an extra pickle on his deli sandwich.  On other days, we get some great media love for our great designs or for our fresh watches made with our funky licensing partners like Domo, UC Berkeley or Brian Wilson.  However,...

Dylan “Bama” Sparkman, BMX Rider

We met Dylan “Bama” Sparkman at Philz Coffee in Berkeley where he makes a mean cup of Tesora. For those of you who don’t know, Modify is a small company that often works from coffee shops Philz has delicious coffee Philz in Berkeley is full of great folks. Including...

Modify named to Top-100 Startups List, Invited to the White House!

On November 17, 2011 Modify was invited to a White House ceremony honoring the top-100 young startups in the U.S. We were named part of the Empact 100 list, which “recognizes the top 100 companies run by young entrepreneurs age 30 or younger who impact our economy and inspire others to...

Modify 2.0 has launched. Now the whole family can enjoy dope interchangeable watches

A few days of around-the-clock work (Ashil takes the east coast days, Sean takes the west coast nights, Aaron sits in a lounge chair in Hawaii…). And now, finally, it’s official. Modify 2.0 is here! So what’s there to see? What’s there to know? 1,000,000,000’ish choices [because these are interchangeable watches]

Modify 2.0. Create Interchangeable Watch. Build Site. Communicate with ModiFamily. Chocolate

Hey y’all. It’s 1:17am on Thursday, November 10. Sean and I are up working (we have the night shift; Sean is coding, I’m doing yoga). Ashil had the day shift and took, oh, 3,141,592,653 photos. I also had the pleasure of doing dinner with Matt Barnes, packaging maven, to...

Over and Out

ModiFamily – Liz here with a bittersweet announcement…after spending 139 days with Modify Watches (or 12,009,600 seconds or 9.92857 fortnights) and helping to bring Modify 2.0 to your wrists, I will be moving on to healthier things (literally).

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