ModiFile: Ayo the Office Running Back

Meet Ayo Oluwole, Nigerian-born, Columbia-educated, gridiron-toughened. Ayo (rhymes with “bio”) is Modify’s Chief Marketing Officer and resident Office Running Back. Office Running Back, you say? Office Running Back. Every office needs one, for morale, for the workhorse tendencies, for the patience real running back-ing requires and because, if you’re...

Wow Your Customer

  Not too long ago, Aaron shared The Modify Way, which was the culmination of a 3-month exercise to define Modify’s culture. The #1 point of the Modify Way is: We WOW customers, teammates, partners and investors. People feel more value and delight interacting with us than with any...

Keeping Your Child’s Motivation Strong In Their After School Activity

Keeping Your Child's Motivation Strong In Their After School Activity
If you have a child in an after school activity, you know that sometimes they can get bored or unmotivated in it, even if they like doing it or have a natural talent in it. Sometimes, you just want them to try something new for a few weeks and...

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