Modify Watch Manufacturing

Introducing modINVISIBLE: World’s 1st Invisible Watch Collection (Coming 6/1)

San Francisco, CA (April 1, 2013) – Modify Watches, the trend-setting modular watch company, has long been a proponent of listening to its customers and implementing their innovative and often unorthodox ideas. After its suggestion box was overwhelmed by emails, love notes and recyclables all suggesting the same thing,...

What’s Dope about Modify Watches?

modify watch collection
(Besides our looks, of course!!) If you’ve taken a scroll through the Shop page on our website, you’ve probably noticed we have like a million color combinations. There are literally thousands of dope, interchangeable watch combinations to find a Mod that shows your style. Everything from sporty watches to...

The Domo Edition of “Know Your Memes”!

The time has come for Modify’s first annual edition of “Know Your Memes”. You all know that unforgettable face and who could forget that toothy grin… but where did Domo start? His popularity began as the mascot of a Japanese TV station and he has since made a name...

March MODness Bracket is Unveiled!

march mod bracket
March MODness is here!!! Who do you think will win Modify’s version of the big dance?? You have submitted the designs and now it’s time to vote! The bracket has been unveiled and includes 32 user-generated Mod designs from 23 members of our ModiFamily! Designs from Blue Steel vs...

It’s Time for March MODness!

For first time we are giving you, our loyal fans, the chance to submit your own designs for a new Mod face! Not only will the winner hold the prestigious Modness championship title, but the winning design will also be produced! Sounds like a slam dunk. It’s modness, March...

Modify 2.0 has launched. Now the whole family can enjoy dope interchangeable watches

A few days of around-the-clock work (Ashil takes the east coast days, Sean takes the west coast nights, Aaron sits in a lounge chair in Hawaii…). And now, finally, it’s official. Modify 2.0 is here! So what’s there to see? What’s there to know? 1,000,000,000’ish choices [because these are interchangeable watches]

Interchangeable Watches the Modify Way

It’s a great question After regaling you with (fascinating) insights into how to make Modify straps here and here, it’s time to see where the real customization happens! How do we make interchangeable watches? Follow this process Modify puts the “custom” into “dope” into “interchangeable watches”. That sentence may not...

The Modify Straps Factory

Continuing from this post about Modify visiting Shenzhen. Below is photo gallery of our Straps Factory

Modify Takes Manhattan (errrrr, Shenzhen)

Last week I (Aaron) was in Beijing, Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Saw some amazing sites                 We also visited the new Modify factories which was pre-tty dope. We chose our manufacturing partner, The Berkeley Sourcing Group, over a few others for a simple...

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