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Mod-to-Order Kickstarter Reward Tiers

Word on the street: Modify Watches is raising money through Kickstarter for a small (H-U-G-E!!) project called “Mod-to-Order.” And if you know anything about crowdfunding or Kickstarter, it’s the exclusive, one-of-a-kind rewards that get everyone excited. Below is everything you want to know about the reward tiers for Mod-to-Order....

Mod-to-Order: design your own custom Modify Watches! Now on Kickstarter.

  Mod-to-Order: design your own custom Modify Watches!    DESIGN CUSTOM & PERSONALIZED MODIFY WATCHES! Upload any image or graphic you want on your watch face Pick from 30+ straps to mix-and-match We build a custom, made-to-order watch just for YOU Hello! We’re Team Modify, a 3-year-old, San Francisco-based startup....

Birth of a Major League Soccer Watch

As far as origin stories go, the Sporting Kansas City Modify Watch’s is nothing unique… if you’re point of origin story-reference is that of a diamond’s. Otherwise, it’s pretty wild. Let’s set the scene: The year was 2012, the month was March, Sporting Park had been open for just...

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