Shake Shack! Or, How to Be BFFs

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*The* benefit of running a startup is that you get to meet other startups. They’re interesting. They can commiserate. They have funny startup jokes (“What did the investor say to the entrepreneur??? No.”. Hahahahaha!) Annnnnd, they trade you swag. Take Shake Shack, for instance. We sent them watches, they...

Red, White & SHOES… Independence Day BucketFeet Gift with Purchase

Purchase 1 of our Independence Day sets and get a free pair of BucketFeet shoes.
Hello ModiFamily! Happy (early) Independence Day… we’ve got a special red, white and blue bundle offer just for you! We’re partnering with our friends at BucketFeet on a special Independence Day bundle offer: buy 1 of our 2 4-Piece Independence Day sets (USA 2013 face, red, white and blue straps or...

Who Likes Free? [Free Watch Giveaway Details Inside]

spring giveaway
Who likes free? Honestly, we all do! Today we’ve decided that we’re going to have some fun! We’re giving away 5 watches, but we need you to do something for us. 1. Log into facebook 2. Share this photo with your friends What are we giving away? We’re giving...

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