Custom Watches

Extra! Extra! ModiFamily Selects Awesome Watch Design for Modify 2.0

We’re not Craftsmen, We’re Just Good At Listening

One of the things that you’ll notice about our team is that none of us has a proper industrial design background. We have a watch expert as an adviser; we have a watch product designer as an adviser. But none of the core team is considered a watch expert. Truth...

Thank You Pac-10; OR how we became a real business

Our first *major* order was through the Pac-10 athletic conference. We designed watches for the Fall Media Day in Los Angeles. All of the men’s and women’s basketball coaches as well as one player from each team would be there to answer questions in anticipation of the upcoming season....

Hot Watches, Part Deux

We had our first sale on July 15, 2010. Truth be told, we did pretty well in the first few weeks. Exciting, but dangerous, as I immediately starting planning to defer my expected full-time job. I’ve always been an entrepreneur-at-heart. I started my first “venture” at age 12 when...

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