Carrier Classic!


We’re excited to be a part of the Carrier Classic, put on by our non-profit partner for November, the Morale Entertainment Foundation. Their mission is to “Make every day Veterans’ Day”.

The Carrier Classic, by the Morale Entertainment Foundation

The Classic is on the 9th this month, and MEF is pulling together a pretty cool program. They are running a social media campaign called “ithanku”, and here’s how it works

  1. People can share their messages, photos and videos of thanks to our military at
  2. You could see your ‘ithanku’ message LIVE during the 2012 Carrier Classic on Nov 9 on NBC Sports!
Aaron’s pre-tty excited about the Classic this year thanks to the appearance of all-around-amazing school THE Ohio State University. For you bball junkies out there, the scheduled games are below
  • Mens: Ohio State v. Marquette (tipoff at 7pm EST)
  • Womens: Ohio State v. Notre Dame (tipoff at 4pm EST)

Finally, in case you missed it, here’s a rollcall for our other partner organizations since we started the “Together” non-profit partnership program. Please take the time to learn about each of them

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