Carmen’s Last Post. For Now. Dunh, dunh, dunnnnnnnnnhhhhhh


[Carmen Zeng is leaving us. Editor is sad.]

It’s official! I am now a Business Pathways Summer Internship Program alumna. Yay!

This summer I worked in the customer service department at Modify, as the Customer Experience intern. I got to implement customer experience initiatives, explore the different aspects that structure a startup, observe how strategy works in the real world, and the list goes on. I had the opportunity to meet and interact with every individual that worked at Modify’s headquarters which I think is extremely rare. These individuals all work differently but share remarkable qualities; they are self-driven, talented, and hardworking, an inspiration for someone like me who aspires to be successful someday.


This week was definitely an out of the ordinary experience. Not only did I package more orders than I usually do in one week combined, making our customers happy once again, but also I helped out at Modify’s popup shop with some of my fellow teammates,. The popup shop event was my first time working for Modify outside of the office and I (and everyone else) had a really great time carrying out face-to-face interactions with our customers. I have proof too. Daniel, Amy, and I caught Jae dancing when we were almost all heading home. It was priceless.

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I would now like to introduce you to Business Pathways Summer Internship Program’s 2014 Intern Manager of the Year, Andrew Nguyen, whom I nominated for exceptional mentoring performance, and then selected as the final recipient of this award by the MatchBridge team. Well deserved. “Claps” [Inserts words of wisdom from Andrew…] Never miss an opportunity, say you’re weak, or be scared. I think he sounds really philosophical sometimes which is not surprising at all, he is studying humankind.


Moments that made me laugh out loud at Modify (in no particular order)

1. CARMEEEEEEE (created by Ashil, imitated by Aaron and repeated by AJ)

2. Bye Elaine (Jae)

3. Ashil: She needs an attitude adjustment. Michelle: I love her attitude.

4. Who put this on my desk? Was it you Carmen? What do you mean no..? That’s it, I’m going to get to the bottom of this. I’m putting you on my suspect list. (Ashil)

5. Coffee is for old people (Erik)

6. You know what; I’m going to let you tape up the box because you have to be tough. (Andrew)

7. Andrew: You have to walk with confidence. Aaron: Coming from the person who’s actually a slow walker, that’s a classic.

8. She’s probably putting us all up for auction. (Aaron)

9. Jae: If Carmen was a referee of a soccer team, Kevin: she would need a megaphone in front of another megaphone, Jae: and would give out a lot of red flags. ESPECIALLY to Ashil, Ashil would get A LOT of red flags.

10. [Jae is currently dancing] Amy: That’s your friend right there, Daniel: I know…”facepalm”


and much more.


I would like to express my deepest gratitude to MatchBridge, SFMade, and the following people:

Aaron: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the Modify team (Michelle included), for taking the time to explain things to me when I didn’t understand something, and asking me the same question every day. How is today going? I really appreciate it.

Andrew: Thank you for your mentorship, patient guidance, and support. I hope I was a good mentee. I will try to pass this on to someone else one day. Oh, and also for all the lessons on how to be tough (sounded like he was training the military) and why my computer is okay because his is better (no).

Ashil: The happiest and silliest individual at Modify. I call him Modify’s very own walking book filled with hilarious jokes. Thanks for always trying to keep everyone sane.

Jae: For all our celebratory hand gestures.

And everyone else here who has helped me along the way.

These eight weeks have been exciting, occasionally challenging, informative (in every manner possible), laughter filled, and a growing experience. I hope you enjoy my video as much I as enjoyed interning here.

Modify Watches – Carmen’s Internship Video

Goodbye and thank you for treating me well Modify!

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