Carmen joins the team!


Editor’s Note: We are so pleased to introduce Carmen Zeng, our newest teammate. Carmen is a college-student, who came to us via Matchbridge and SFMade (we’re a member). She’ll be writing a weekly report to give an inside look into life at Modify.


Modify Watches has a warm and inviting atmosphere, everyone that I’ve met here is extremely passionate and motivated about what they do, which encourages me to do the same. During my first week here, I learned the ropes of the company; packaging orders, managing inventory, and familiarizing myself with the products. Before you can provide exceptional customer service, the first step is to become well-acquainted with your products and have an efficient inventory control system, all of which underpin an overall business.



I concluded my week by starting on my first project, contacting Major League Baseball retailers. [editor’s note: She crushed it!! A natural on the phone].

Being an intern comes with awesome perks such as having your own desk, team lunches, and a cleaning crew, Ashil, who volunteers to reorganize your desk for “free” with an added bonus. He expects a funny joke from you in exchange on a Friday morning.


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