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[Editor’s Note: 2nd post from Carmen Zeng!]

Having a great product isn’t enough; building a network is also a catalyst for success in a startup. My main focus this week was finding brand/influencer outreach leads and locations for popup shops. How do you determine if they are a good fit? Research is the key to gaining knowledge on all the facts and figures. Time is a commodity, it’s crucial to do your homework beforehand to fully understand how both parties can benefit each other. By the way, all of these are assignments from Andrew Nguyen (D$), who happens to be hiding in the upper left hand corner of this photograph.


What did I have to do here? Count all of our new custom watches and our MLB watches. #success #funwithnumbers

On a side note, Ashil put me on his suspect list this week. Unbelievable! Apparently he found a watch face on his desk and thought I placed it there, but the action was actually committed by Aaron. I think he should remove me from his suspect list now.

[Editor’s Note: NO!]



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