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Editor’s Note: Carmen Zeng just arrived from her home. And boy, are her arms tired

From all the thoughts that flooded my mind on how to survive my first day here, I am now well past the halfway point of my internship and have settled in a familiar routine. As the weeks progressed, I got to learn more about the inner workings of the company, develop new skills, and acquire more responsibilities. All thanks to my two invaluable mentors and the team spirit that exists around here. But there’s still more to learn and room to grow in the remaining weeks that lie ahead. Learning is always an ongoing process here and that is definitely one of my favorite aspects of interning at Modify. That and packaging MLS watches, I guess :)


If you’ve ordered from us within these past few weeks, then you would have noticed a friendly note from me. Of course not all of them are from me, Andrew among others wrote some as well but the majority of them would most likely be from me. This is just one of the examples of the workload that has been passed onto me. I hope those of you that have ordered from us within these past few weeks are satisfied with your purchase and would recommend us to your family and friends. I will do my best to maintain or hopefully improve my customer service to current and future members of our ModiFamily.


So what happens on a sunny Friday morning when Ashil’s coffee buddy isn’t here? He invites Andrew and me to join him for a coffee run. In other words, it was his first attempt to try to get me to drink one of the world’s top beverage choices. If coffee doesn’t interest you, he will try to convince you to indulge in a breakfast favorite filled with C6H1206. No wonder he’s so enthusiastic all the time. Anyways, I am not a coffee person but almost everyone else here seems to think otherwise. They all believe that I will become some sort of avid coffee consumer one day. I’m fully aware of what I’m not missing.


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