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Camilla d’Errico’s philosophy on art is, “it’s about expressing what they feel, and feeling what they express”. Her art heavily focuses on portraying the emotion of her subjects into a design.


Mr. Velvedeer

Innocence: In her painting Mr. Velvedeer, one of the chosen designs for Modify, d’Errico encompasses innocence by using a baby deer, looking wide eyed and fresh. The bright colors add to the image of innocence, and a fresh view on life.


The Hourglass Game


The Dream Melt

Sorrow: d’Errico’s paintings The Hourglass Game and The Dream Melt both depict sorrow, but in two very different ways. In The Hourglass Game, sorrow is shown in all of the facial features- there is sorrow in the eyebrows, the eyes, the mouth, and even in the way that the subject’s head is tilted upward as if pleaing. In The Dream Melt, the sorrow is seen in the eyes, by creating multi-color tears. Both paintings evoke sadness, and make the viewer feel a strong sense of emotion.


Royal Jelly

Power: In her painting Royal Jelly,which is also one of Modify’s watch face designs, d’Errico shows power and courage with the idea of a queen bee. The Queen’s eyes reflect quiet determination, looking straight on.

Untitled, 6/12/14, 12:38 PM,  8C, 7308x8546 (638+1898), 150%, Custom,  1/15 s, R54.8, G28.8, B43.4


Surprise: Gelatotoro creates a challenge to interpret the meaning of an animal as a scoop of ice cream in a cone, but there is certainly a look of shock and surprise on the creature’s face. Even in a confusing scene, d’Errico is able to create emotion that the viewer can recognize and relate to.

d’Errico’s artwork keeps us in touch with our emotions in a bright and eye-catching way. She captivates her audience by having images with so much emotion that by looking at the artwork, we can feel the emotions that she is trying to portray, and have the viewer empathize with the artwork.

, 7/15/15, 11:11 AM,  8C, 7318x7063 (620+2122), 150%, Custom,  1/25 s, R52.0, G40.2, B55.4


We want your input! We’ve spotted Camilla’s newest painting, “Puff”, for Corey Helford Gallery’s July 25th exhibition. We think she’d make an amazing watch. Which design of Camilla’s do you want to see on a watch face next? Send us your favorites!

Blind Box Watches: If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Camilla and team in person at any of the conventions, we’re thinking about working together to produce exclusive Blind Box watches! That means you’ll be able to pick up one of 4 or 5 limited edition designs from Camilla’s booth or website. Which one you get? It’s a surprise :) How does that sound to you all?


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  1. Elieth says:

    Her lastest painting “Puff”

  2. Oh definitely “Sir Reginald Wellington the third Esq”!! He’s just too cute!
    But there are so many great ones; Twizzler, Sour Patch, Eenie Meenie Miney Mo, Narlene, Antlers and Rainbows. Oh I love them all!

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