The ModiFamily Shows Their Colors!


The ModiFamily never ceases to amaze us! We recently received some photos featuring our Mods that we fell in love with. Here is what the model, Callie Halliday and the photographer, Lisa-Marie Halliday had to say about Modify…


I became interested in Modify because I love the fact you can change them up in lots of different ways to get them to go with your outfit or being a statement of its own! Also they’re really comfy! I wrote to Modify in hope they would sponsor me for my sport, canoeing…which they did! As a thank you to Modify, I wanted to have some photographs done to put on my Instagram account to help promote them in a fun and interesting way. — Callie Halliday

I gained a BA hons in photography at Hereford College of Arts. I am a UK based wedding and portrait photographer. I had been looking for a victim for my powder paint shoots for a while and as my sister had recently been sponsored by Modify, we saw it as a great opportunity to incorporate them as one of the brands we wanted to use. The shoot took place on The Malvern Hills, Worcestershire, UK. We had a lot of fun on this shoot and everyone involved was covered in paint by the end, even my assistant got stuck in it. The bright colors and the durability of the Modify watches allowed us to make this shoot really unique with the powder paint. — Lisa-Marie Halliday

Here are some photos from the shoot!!





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