Brian Wilson Watch = Modify Watches + Brian Wilson’s Beard

Brian Wilson Modify Watches - pure awesome

When we first thought about partnering with the MLB Players Association  to create Modify for the baseball world, we had two things in mind: 1) can we make watches that smell like garlic fries, sunflower seeds and Topps bubble gum?, and 2) how soon can we make a Brian Wilson watch?

For those not in the know, Brian Wilson is the closer for the San Francisco Giants.  He’s also one half hilarious and the other half beard.

During the Giants’ run to the World Series in 2010, Wilson magically grew a jet-black beard that inspired a legion of beard-wearing followers and the mantra “Fear the Beard”.  Powered by his beard, Wilson closed out almost every Giants win in the post-season, including the final game of the World Series.  The crowd roared. The beard was adored.  And now it’s Modify’d. Because what better way to honor a make-your-own beard than with a build your own watch?

The Brian Wilson watch goes best with black, orange and white straps (but don’t forget road jersey gray as well), has “FEAR THE BEARD” engraved on the back, and looks awesome on people between the age of 3 and 87.  But why trust us?  Build your own watch or check it out in our sandbox for full effect. We love this watch not only because we have a Giants fan on the team, but because it’s a proven fact that you cannot wear this out in California without at least three people per night commenting on your watch.

And if you don’t like attention, you probably shouldn’t be wearing a Modify.

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  1. Lucy Martin says:

    Awesome watch to watch this! I just impressed to see all the colors of this watch. Love it’s all design. :) It will look more beautiful when I try this. Thanks!!! :)

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