Brett Whitacre! Brett Whitacre!

We’re proud to announce a collaboration with Brett Whitacre. You can buy his piece, Rotations, here.
This guy!

This guy!

We were introduced to Brett through his brother-in-law, an avid Modify’er who we only hang out with because of his association with Brett. Why do we care about Brett? Because he’s a killer artist. Nothing wrong with being cool by association.
He designed four watches, which were all featured on our Instagram and Facebook page . The winner was “Rotations”, which we’re now featuring on our website!!
“b” is the one that won, fyi :)
We asked him to share his story, so here’s more Brett-on-Brett (We call him “The Whit”. He doesn’t know this).
My journey as a visual artist started in 2004, living in Chicago, a musician with no money and a drive to create. I began collecting discarded materials from the alleyways and working with applying random imagery to them. I would choose imagery from the environment of Chicago as my subject matter such as; lines in architecture, urban decay, transportation modes, and cultural diversity. I also spent 7 years traveling the US and 14 other countries as a professional drummer, all the while collecting mental and documented input to fuel my art.  Still today, the environment i live in very much directs my artistic vision.

“Rotations” is a piece i made recently as part of a series of “City Quilts” a modern take on the classic art of quilting. In the midwest, there has been a resurgence in large painted quilt patterns on barns. Long ago these quilt patterns were unique in each family. A community would come together and assemble a quilt combining all of their patterns. I wanted to bring my own designs and quilt-like patterns to the people of urban areas to give way to a sense of community and identity. In “Rotations” the theme of rotation is shown in the direction of the “sunny side” triangles of the pyramids. For a community feel, in this case, the sun shines from all sides.

Note: He’s also a family man (see great family photo below!). And seems to be impervious to allergies. #SoCool

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