Breadth (not depth) and Stress

If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s sitting at home and letting myself get overwhelmed. I’m reminded of an editorial in the NYTimes a few (10?) years ago about everything that the President and Congress-members are expected to be *experts* on. The list included: Medicare/Medicaid, war zones from Asia to Latin America, debt crises, AIDS, civil rights… it was a 50+ bullet point list, and the point was that there is no way possible that any one individual or small group has enough depth about any of these topics to make perfect decisions.

Sometimes it feels that way with Modify. We’re a small team that functions incredibly well together. But there’s a *lot* that we need to know in order to succeed with the release of Modify 2.0. Here’s a sample list

  • Naming 1,000,000 new Modify Watch combinations (approximate). For a taste, you gotta check out our site or our “Graveyard“, where great names go to die
  • Choosing a designer and refining on the design of the watch (despite a complete lack of engineering expertise – I was a history major)
  • Choosing a manufacturer; keeping on top of the manufacturer (ditto)
  • Designing watches that customers want
  • Refining our branding (should we change our name to ModiFLY Watches?)
  • Developing packaging that is sweet, tells our story, is affordable, and allows for fast fulfillment
  • Building our social media strategy, and executing it. Do we really have to Tweet 42 times/week? What does #FF mean?
  • etc.

Of course, none of this can come at the expense of our current customers and getting their orders out ASAP. Don’t worry, we got this :)

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