BioWorkZ Watches Are Now Available!



We recently teamed up with Ben Kwok, AKA BioWorkZ, to design custom watches with his detailed artwork. The watches released today and they are beautiful. Can we call our own watches beautiful? Well, yes, because Den designed them :)

bioworkz-socialWe asked Ben to elaborate on the collection. Here are some words from the man himself…

“There are many factors that inspired me to create “ornate” style artwork. The most influential inspiration was from the artist Iain Macarthur. He also draws ornate illustrations of animals composed of patterns. Macarthur’s artwork opened my eyes to the different possibilities of this style. I immediately fell in love with it, because I like complex, highly detailed artwork too. During that time, I was down on my luck. I was recently laid off, had no back up, and really resented the apparel industry for the way they treated graphic artists. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I decided to draw more ornate animals. I had extra time, and I wanted to draw something strictly for myself. I didn’t have anyone to answer to, no bullshit revisions, no deadlines, nothing. It was just me, some pens, and a blank sheet of paper. For those few months, I felt so happy and peaceful. I knew this was something I had to focus on, because everything else I did art-wise didn’t make me happy. In short, do what you love and everything will fall into place.” ~ Ben

Shop his amazing designs here and use code BioWorkZ for 20% off the collection through Sunday!


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