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Today we pay respect to another great hero of Black History, Bill Cosby. Aside from being down right hysterical he is an amazing musician and social activist. He was born in 1937 and is currently age 75. Bill warmed our hearts on TV, in those awesome Jello commercials and in his amazing (and family-friendly) stand-up routines.

USA Face with Navy StrapFor his honorable service in the US Navy, we think Bill Cosby would love to sport the Modify USA Face with Navy Strap. In addition to his respectable career in entertainment, he has also been an influential activist for African Americans and the perseveration in Jazz Music. Cosby was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his work.

We all remember watching Bill Cosby play the endearing Mr. Huxtable on the Cosby show, but you may not realize that his success spans five decades and virtually all media. Bill was born into humble beginnings in the projects of Philly and worked hard to earn his success.

He is currently on tour preforming his comedy act live in cities throughout the country. This is pretty awesome considering his comedy act was a coast-to-coast sensation even back in the 1960’s and he is still going strong! Another very respectable achievement in his career was his role in “I Spy”. Cosby’s character secured his status as the first African American to play a lead role in a dramatic TV series. This broke the racial barriers in television and Cosby was awarded three well deserved Emmy Awards for his performance.

Cosby has the unique ability to connect with his audience and his well-loved role in The Cosby Show was now exception. His role was hugely successful and the show is said to have “single-handedly revived the family sitcom (and rescued NBC)”. Although the Cosby show debuted in the mid-eighties, its humor is still very relevant today.

Cosby Jello CommercialAnd who can forget all those Jello commercials? Jello launched a massive marketing campaign in the late seventies featuring Bill Cosby. These commercials were a huge success and helped to stop the sales decline and cause a significant gain for the company. You may not know that Cosby was made the official spokesperson for Jello and served as the company’s voice for almost thirty years. Thank you, Mr. Cosby, for sharing your humor and keeping us smiling for all this *time*!

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