Farewell Ayo: you’ve been the best Office Running Back (ever)

Ayo Oluwole

Pretty exciting (for him) and sad (for us) news about Ayo. He’s moved to L.A. and will be starting at a new, awesome company called Stack Social. Ayo and I went to Columbia together. We became close during our sophomore year when we took Conceptual Physics together (WE ALSO LIVED NEXT TO EACH OTHER AND GOT IN TROUBLE WITH OUR RESPECTIVE SUITE MATES FOR HAVING A REALLY REALLY REALLY GREAT PARTY #Ruggles4Life).

He was an adviser for Modify during our first two years, and then moved from NYC to SF to join the team in April 2012. Over the next two years he spearheaded a ton of initiatives. March MODness; Mod a Day Giveaway; our Kickstarter campaign that we’ve spammed the nonsense out of you for over the past month (did you know that you can now do completely custom watches???).

Ayo Oluwole was our CMO. He was our 2nd best basketball player. He was our best dancer. San Francisco has lost a friend, a gentle man, a gentleman, a scholar and a guy who might be balding but no one knows because he keeps his head right. Below, I’ve copied in the etymology of the word “Farewell”

From Middle English farewel, from fare wel!, an imperative expression, equivalent to fare (“to fare, travel, journey”) +‎ well.

There is zero surprise that saying “farewell” implies that we want the person to fare … well. But it always seems like adding a definition or etymology brings a bit of gravity to a written piece or a speech. So I did it. Because that’s how much Ayo means to our team. Answer that bell, homey. Baby Ayo

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