Awesome Watches: Because at Modify, Good isn’t Good Enough

Awesome Watches

Do you remember that moment in your childhood when you thought to yourself, “I’m tired of awesome. From now on, I’m gonna do everything I can to be good.”  No?  That’s because it never happened.  To anyone.  Ever.   As humans (or are we dancers?), we constantly strive to seek out more awesome and spread it throughout our lives like it was awesome butter on our life toast.

And Modify is no different.  Modify Watches makes awesome watches.  The difference between Modify and other watch companies is that we don’t settle for good.  We don’t even settle for awesome.  We settle for MORE awesome.  Every day.

And the ModiFamily gets it.  Our almost 10,000+ followers on Facebook and Twitter keep us motivated and supply some of the amazing ideas that eventually make it into production.  The ModiFamily is all about creating awesome watches and having awesome times.  And let’s be clear, Modify loves awesome times:

So if you’re into awesome, which you are, and into Modify, which you are, then keep rocking our interchangeable watches and let us know how we can make Modify more awesome.

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