Attack of the Wablets!

Oh no. See that there? In the distance? It’s coming. And it’s terrifying, but in a We’re All About To Be Robots kind of way, not in an LA News Anchor During a 4.4 Earthquake kind of way.

The approaching object is what tech blogs are affectionately calling a “wablet” and they are exactly what they sound like they… er… scratch that.

They are nothing like what they sound like they’d be, because, onomatopoetically, the wablet could potentially be a wide wallet, a wallet made from spiderwebs, a tiny wab (assuming one had provided the word “wab” with meaning), a strange rabbit seen through the sight on Elmer Fudd’s rifle, something you potentially could sprinkle onto dishes involving seaweed, or maybe — just maybe — a wablet could be a very subtle wobble, which is a subtle movement to begin with.

But none of those are accurate, because a wablet is a combination tablet-watch. Or, in true Lewis and Clark fashion*, a watch-tablet. The other name that has been used to describe the wablet is the “wristputer,” which, I guess, would make the phone a “pocketputer.”

Anyways. The wablet will be watch-sized and worn on the user’s wrist. The phone watch was cool — because spies — but we over here at Modify are holding back our judgement on this one. Why? Not because of the idea, or the execution. The spec photo of a person displaying a flight departure schedule on their wrist is pretty awesome. But It’s just that we have phones, we have tablets and we have computers. So we need to see the wablet before endorsing the wablet. :)


Besides, we also have (and make) watches, and pretty awesome watches at that. And (full disclosure) our watches do not have heads up, real time flight tracking capabilities, nor do they require an OS to tick. But our phones do, and our phones live in our pockets.

So that brings us to our final question: Are phones Pocket Wablets?! They totally could be, especially if you tied a string to it.

You heard it here first, folks, Cell Phones are the Pocket Wablet of the future.



* ‘That’s Clark and Lewis!’ said Clark. And then somewhere, Robin, Garfunkle and Jelly held up a single fist in a moment of solidarity. Sorry for that footnote, if you happened to travel down here. But, while I have you, speed fact time! A flea can jump 30,000 times without stopping, human eyes have over 2 million working parts, avocados are fruits and bulldogs don’t float. At least you learned something.

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