Ashil and Aaron go on an Adventure – Part 1 of 2

Oh yea. We make it happen.

,For those of you who are new to Modify; Aaron and Ashil are the dynamic duo of Modify Watches (You can learn more about our team here). When we bring you your favorite sports teams, these are the guys that make it happen.

Oh yea. We make it happen.

Oh yes. We look good. And we make it happen.

Recently, the dynamic duo went to Minneapolis, Minnesota and Denver, Colorado to attend some big time conferences with NHL and MLS. We work hard here at Modify to bring you your favorite teams from the NBAMLSNHL and MLB. Here are some photos from their adventures. But before we get to that, let’s reintroduce these guys in case you’re unfamiliar. Aaron is the “Personnel Director” at Modify Watches and have been around since the beginning. This is Aaron:

"What's up people! I'm Aaron! Get excited!"

“What’s up people! I’m Aaron! Get excited!”

Aaron is a cool guy. But let’s talk about Ashil now. Ashil has been with Modify since the beginning of time and he’s our “Creative Director”. If you’ve ever purchased a Modify exclusive design, chances are Ashil designed it. This is Ashil:


” “Hola Ladies. My name is Ashil. I make magic.”

First stop was the NHL Conference in Minneapolis. Actually, scratch that. The first stop was the food court inside Minneapolis Airport.

"Eat first work later that's what I always say"

“Eat first work later that’s what I always say!”

And THEN it was time to go to the NHL Conference.

"Airport food is making me sleepy! I can't have that, no way! Coffee time!"

“Airport food is making me sleepy! I can’t have that, no way! Coffee time! *sip sip sip*”

So the dynamic duo drove on towards the Xcel Center and got there nice and early.

We made it!

We made it!

As the minutes passed, the stadium floor grew with chatter and before long it was time to do what they came here to do. Kick butt and take names. They began to mingle with the crowd. A rookie salesman stood awestruck, gawking at Aaron and Ashil as they delivered the most incredible pitch the rookie had ever heard #truestory. Hours passed and minds were blown. When it was all said and done, the duo brushed the dirt off their shoulders and walked out the door. They were busy men. And busy men had places to be.

And this is THE place to be!

And this is THE place to be!

Check back next week to read – Aaron and Ashil go on an Adventure – Part 2

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