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Upload a Design or Photo — Print onto Modify Watch — Show Your Colors

San Francisco, CA, 2/26/2014 – Modify Industries, Inc., a San Francisco-based company that designs and manufactures interchangeable watches, which are available in over 3,000 combinations, announced today their  “Mod-to-Order” custom watch platform through Kickstarter.

Colorful, fashionable—and most importantly—interchangeable, Modify Watches are worn by men and women looking to express themselves through unique timepieces they help build.  Since its launch in 2010, Modify has worked closely with its tight-knit community or “ModiFamily” to grow the brand, make improvements to the product and play an active role in the design process through crowd-sourced contests. Again with the help of Modify’s fans, the aim is to introduce a unique experience through Kickstarter —100% custom and personalized watches that allow people or groups to decide what image or design to upload on their watch faces.

Built around the power of self-expression and community, Modify Watches truly reflect the team’s values.  Mod-to-Order Watches are the first of their kind: by taking a one-off, fully-custom watch design and combining it with interchangeable watch bands, the team has created a personalized product that fans are able to update as their style changes. Furthermore, the Modify team is proud that the Mod-to-Order custom watches will be designed, printed and assembled in the US.

According to Ashil Parag, Creative Director and Founding Partner of Modify Industries, “Our vision is to empower and enable our community to build products they love through modularity and customization. If we can introduce Mod-to-Order through Kickstarter, we will actually achieve our dream.” By launching fully-custom watches, the team aims to completely revolutionize the way people wear accessories so that they can serve as an extension of each individual and reflect their daily change in personal style.

While Modify has had the opportunity to work with larger brands such as Google and Nike on custom timepieces, the proposed “Mod-to-Order” platform will be the first time individuals, artists, small groups, businesses and teams will be able to create and build the perfect accessory. Parag notes, “We’ve spent our first 3 years focused on building relationships and creating unique experiences specifically for our ModiFamily, and our new “Mod-To-Order” platform is a natural progression. Our community will need to help us get it off the ground through Kickstarter and if our project is successful, we’ll be able to empower them to design and build one-of-a-kind products to help show their colors.”

About Modify Industries, Inc.

Founded in San Francisco in 2010, Modify designs, manufactures and sells fun, MODular accessories that allow its community or “ModiFamily” to express themselves through products they love and help build. The company’s first crowd-sourced product, Modify Watches, feature mix-and-match faces and straps available in 3,000+ colorful combinations. Modify offers limited-edition and fan designs and licensed products (Major League Baseball, TETRIS, deadmau5, etc.) and has created custom products for Nike, Google and other major brands. The tagline says it all: Show YOUR Colors! More at | @modifywatches

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