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Editor’s Note: Andrew (“Drew Money”, “D$”, “Money”) joined Modify in early 2014. He’s in college, but he’s full-time this summer and he had better take a light class-load next year to work more! Here’s his first post on our blog. Hope you love it and get a bit more insight into what it means to be at Modify. During his first week, he had to package more watches than we got during the holiday season, because of a famous person using our watches as wedding party gifts :)


This post literally made Drew package hundreds of watches


If you’ve bought from us or sent us a question in the past few months, you would have most likely received a response from me or received one of my hieroglyphic-looking handwritten notes (Take that Michelle, I’m stealing all of your thunder!). Modify has given me the chance to properly introduce myself to the Modify Universe, and you guys can call me Andrew aka “Drew”, “D$”, “hey you”. Currently residing in San Francisco, California, I’m a student at San Francisco State University working full-time as one of your members in the Modi-Family.

My background before working at Modify contained street food trucks, restaurant management, and being a Club DJ in the after hours. When I began with Modify, I had no idea what to expect from a startup environment. Was I going to be fired the first day? Or was this my chance to leave the comforts of my past. As I’ve grown and learned from the best [editor’s note: he’s probably talking about Ashil], I’ve been able to strengthen my skills, and really face my weaknesses. I’ve had to be quick on my feet, and creatively look for opportunities to shine.


I’ve learned that these watches go beyond from just being a watch. It becomes a way to express your creativity, and a reminder that things don’t always have to be super complicated to be cool.  It also helps me get to class on time :)
Throughout my time at Modify I’ve had to adjust to wearing many different hats, but regardless in what I’ve done, the passion and creativity consistently flows throughout the Modify Family.


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