And the (Modify review) hits keep coming

Blog: My Four Monkeys
Highlight: “Do you or someone you love have a bold fashion sense? Do you like bright colors and fun funky accessories? Then you will definitely want to check out Modify Watches. […] Durable and sporty, Modify Watches allow you to express yourself with a different color for every outfit if you choose.”
Blog: Shelly’s Bits and Pieces
Highlight: “The thought of being able to design my own watch was very intriguing.  My daughter always accuses me of picking out things that are for “old” people, so here was my opportunity to prove her incorrect! Modify Watches are not only fashionable and flexible, they are also modifiable!!”
Blog: Mom Vantage
Highlight: “Modify Watches are prefect for both men and women looking for a trendy, customizable watch. […] These got a great response when Jay wore them to work, too! Many of his colleagues were interested in the design and the ability to change the band and faces.”
The lesson? Build your own watch with Modify!

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