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Every month Modify partners with an important non-profit, one which is doing great work but about which not a wide variety of our ModiFamily may have heard. This month we are proud to support Action in Africa. This is an organization that “joins with communities in Uganda to meet local needs.”

We’ve had the fortune of learning from Sarah Nininger, VP and Co-Founder of Action in Africa, Inc. She shared a bit about the organization’s efforts since its 2006 founding. Here’s a list of a few of the projects they have built

  1. Uganda’s 6th public library
  2. Dormitory in Gulu for Invisible Children
  3. Widow’s shelter and widow’s home
  4. Boys dormitory
  5. Kitchen for our partner school and a few smaller projects.

We were most intrigued by Action in Africa’s sponsorship program. According to Sarah, “We have about 100 students in our program that receive financial assistance to attend school year round in Uganda. We have had this program for five years and it first started out with only three students. As you can tell, the program has grown exponentially.”

Mary and Shafik, two of Action in Africa's original sponsored students

So what’s next for the organization? Here’s Sarah again

We have many exciting plans coming up in the next year and for the rest of our future. Coming this fall/winter we will be launching our Brick By Brick campaign which is going to help with our newest project which we are calling the Action in Africa Compound. The compound will consist of a new library, a volunteer headquarters, a clean water well project, apartments to generate an income, classrooms for tutoring/studying/workshops, and a couple of other things. The location of this project is next to our partner school, St. Johnson’s Primary School, which will help strengthen our bond even more

You can probably guess why we’re behind this organization – they’re as much a scrappy startup as anyone in Silicon Valley (Here’s a Facebook page, for proof). And, well, they’re making more of a difference than most any of us out here!!

Finally, in case you missed it, here’s a rollcall for our other partner organizations since we started the “Together” non-profit partnership program. Please take the time to learn about each of them

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Thanks as always,

The Modify Team

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