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Aaron was recently interviewed about Modify on EntrepreneurOnFire.com.  The podcast just went live Friday! If you are curious to learn about the starting phases of Modify AND get to know Aaron, check out this interview. Aaron shares the ideas behind the creation of the dope mix and match interchangeable watches and also Modify’s philosophy to provide the customer with a product they love and exceptional customer service. Here are some of the highlights, but you won’t want to miss the full interview. You can download the podcast or read the full transcript HERE.

Modify creates products that let you kind of tell your own story.
The idea of the company is let – fans and customers – {that means YOU} show their colors. The value proposition is pretty clear if you can actually interchange something. So you buy one watch, you’ve got a watch. If you buy a second watch, you’ve now got four because each face can interact with each strap. So we thought that was very cool both from like a cash value to a customer. Like you can get a lot of looks for a lot less money than buying individual pieces, but also from projected savings to just it’s more fun.

Modify loves our customers.
For Modify, that means we wrote a handwritten note with every customer order. When somebody comes back a second time, it’s not the exact same thing. We say, “Listen, thank you so much for coming back.” That happens very frequently. We’ve got a really high repurchase rate.

Favorite Success Quote.
The only true wisdom, is knowing that you know nothing.” ~ Socrates
We assume we don’t know anything and we just let our customers tell us what to produce. I mean that is literally written on our packaging.

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