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Hi there! Welcome to my seventh blog post. If you’ve been consistently reading my blogs chronologically then you’re probably wondering why I never actually introduced myself (my editor requested me to include a photo of myself) in my Tales of Modify Chronicle Series. Whoops. Well, I’m not exactly a perfect blog writer. Anyways, please allow me to do so now. Better late than never, right? To start, my name, whereabouts regarding how I got affiliated with Modify, and what I’m currently doing with my life has been checked off the list. I’m actually a native of San Francisco, where Modify is headquartered, so it’s a pretty convenient commute for me. I’m currently attending the University of California, Merced which is definitely a change from the city life when you’re literally situated in the middle of farmlands surrounded by cows and triple-digit temperatures are not uncommon. How would someone describe me? According to a certain individual here, I’m spunky and would be a meerkat if I were an animal. Interesting…



As you may know, MatchBridge is one of the organizations that introduced me to Modify and a key component of this program is weekly skill-based/career exposure seminars. During those seminars, I spend two hours per week working with other fellow interns that are placed into other San Francisco Bay Area companies. For example this week, all the interns split into groups and did a presentation (capstone project for my program) on our respective roles in our placed worksites. That’s me in the photograph above representing Modify with some of the visuals that I put together. The rest of the people standing beside me are my awesome group members. Other than that, I spend about four days a week interning at Modify with a day off in the middle of the week.


What did I have to do here? Package customized watches.

My highlight for this week is this image that @CheVoigt tweeted to @ModifyWatches. If you look closely, you will see a handwritten thank you note (written by me this time) that we slip in with every order.





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