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NBA Watches Are Now Available!

After 4 years, Aaron’s dream finally came true. We have an official license with the NBA! Sure, a lot of y’all asked us to get this, but what really matters is that Aaron is happy, right??We have all 30 teams, and during the season, watches featuring many of the...

The ModiFamily Shows Their Colors!

The ModiFamily never ceases to amaze us! We recently received some photos featuring our Mods that we fell in love with. Here is what the model, Callie Halliday and the photographer, Lisa-Marie Halliday had to say about Modify… —- I became interested in Modify because I love the fact...

Say Hello to Superfan, Teresa Scherle!

Sometimes a company is able to touch their fans in a truly special way. These fans, which we like to call Superfans, are the reason we strive to reach new heights and be the very best we can on a daily basis. The following is a guest blog from one...

Modify Steps Up To The Challenge

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 12.20.40 PM
We recently teamed up with cyclist, Ted King and had the pleasure of creating a custom watch to be a fundraising incentive for The Krempels King of the Road Challenge. We asked Ted to elaborate on the fundraiser and his mission. Here is his story… —- The Krempels King of the...

Superfans Taryn and Roxanne!

This post was written by Taryn, a Modify fan whom Aaron met during The Giant Race. Roxanne and I first found out about Modify in June 2014 when registering for The Giant Race. There was a custom Giant Race watch being offered to those who were fundraising for the race....

Custom Fat Rabbit Farm Modify Watches!

Fat Rabbit Farm has teamed up with Modify Watches in bringing two exclusive, limited edition Fat Rabbit Farm watches. Celebrating FRF’s 8 years of laughs and smiles, they present two of their infamous designs. First is the “fierce ninja” design in black and their “double scoops” design in a...

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