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Storefront Pop-up Shop

Note: Posted by Andrew Nguyen, Office DJ. On August 15th, Modify was apart of one of Storefront’s free popup shop events called #HowWePop held at the docks of Fort Mason, which featured vendors from all around the San Francisco Bay Area. We first found out about their event through...

Cycling Watches

A big part of being a startup is getting lucky. You can’t build something without a good vision and a great team. But you also cannot be successful unless you have a ton of great partners. And sometimes, serendipity changes your business for good. A few years ago, we were...

Carmen’s Last Post. For Now. Dunh, dunh, dunnnnnnnnnhhhhhh

[Carmen Zeng is leaving us. Editor is sad.] It’s official! I am now a Business Pathways Summer Internship Program alumna. Yay! This summer I worked in the customer service department at Modify, as the Customer Experience intern. I got to implement customer experience initiatives, explore the different aspects that...

#7. #7. Carmen Zeng says #7

[Carmen Carmen Zeng, y’all] Hi there! Welcome to my seventh blog post. If you’ve been consistently reading my blogs chronologically then you’re probably wondering why I never actually introduced myself (my editor requested me to include a photo of myself) in my Tales of Modify Chronicle Series. Whoops. Well,...

Carmen makes jokez

Editor’s Note: Carmen Zeng just arrived from her home. And boy, are her arms tired From all the thoughts that flooded my mind on how to survive my first day here, I am now well past the halfway point of my internship and have settled in a familiar routine....

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