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Stephen Fowler’s BowTie!

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 12.28.11 AM
Who is Stephen Fowler and why is his awesome, limited-edition BowTie design getting put up for sale on our website? Well, you should know. YOU voted for it! That’s right, Stephen’s BowTie won our Mod-to-Order Fan Design Competition back in November. Now that Mod-to-Order is a real thing (see Kickstarter),...

Superfan, Nicholas Wetaz Shows His Colors!

We at Modify value our fans and their experiences with us more than anything else. It is our fans who allow us to smile everyday, which is why each month we pick a new ModiFamily Member of The Month (MFMOTM). This honor goes out to our most loyal fans...

Speaking in Mr. Johnson’s Class

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 2.00.58 PM (2)
One of the most fun parts of Modify is the ability to meet our customers. They come from all over the place – different countries, different cultures, different skill sets, different passions … We have always called customers our “ModiFamily“. We think of everyone we interact with as part...

Brett Whitacre! Brett Whitacre!

We’re proud to announce a collaboration with Brett Whitacre. You can buy his piece, Rotations, here. We were introduced to Brett through his brother-in-law, an avid Modify’er who we only hang out with because of his association with Brett. Why do we care about Brett? Because he’s a killer...

One Artsy Mama’s Honestly watch!

Below is a guest post by Amy Latta (aka One Artsy Mama). You can get her custom “Honestly” Watch here. – – – Raise your hand if you love keeping it real!  That’s what it’s all about over at One Artsy Mama.  I’m Amy Latta, the mama behind the...

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