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Todos Provienen El Hombre

(That means All Hail The Man, btw.) So Albert Pujols doesn’t like being called “El Hombre” or “The Man,” either out of deference for the original Man, Stan Musial, or because of religious beliefs*. And out of deference for Pujols, we’ll refrain from using the moniker. But for the...

Things We Like – Oakland Breakouts

Here at Modify, we like lots of things. And that makes sense, because we manufacture, package and sell things, or at least a certain type of thing. Either way, they intrigue us. Some that intrigue us are expensive — like the Patek Philippe 1953 Heures Universelles Model 2523, which...

The Customizablog: Proper Cloth

October of 2008 probably won’t go down in history as The Greatest Month to Launch a Start-Up Ever. It also probably won’t go down in history as The Second Greatest Month to Launch A Start-Up Ever. Nor will it go down as the Third, or Fourth, or 1,038th Greatest...

Top 10 Major League Lessons

So here’s what we’ve learned in the two weeks(ish) that baseball has been gratefully back in our lives: 1. John Axford, Indians closer, still has the best facial hair in Major League Baseball. This is not a new thing for Axford, but we’re glad to see he hasn’t given...

Introducing The Prism – Your Fan Design Competition Winner

Brandon Ortwein has been a ModiFamily Member since late 2011 when he bought his first set of MODs for Christmas. He has always been looking for ways to support the Modify brand and enjoys randomly Photoshopping Aaron into Time Magazine Covers.  As well as finding unique ways to “recycle”...

No, you can’t put *anything* on a watch.

But it's *my* ugly watch design
Sooooooooooooooooo, we finished our Kickstarter campaign on March 28 and, with the support of nearly 800 people, we are officially able to do one-off production of custom watches in San Francisco. Get Excited. What’s really cool about creativity is that it’s protected. By a little something called TRADEMARK LAW....


Pop Quiz Time! Question: What does 7 + 8 equal? (We didn’t say Hard Pop Quiz Time!…) Answer: Shabazz Naparrison. Don’t trust the math? Here’s the proof.    SEE PHOTO ABOVE Back when this whole thing started, when the world was all just 63 games away from a billion dollars,...

Taxes and (MLB) Collections

Baseball has been back for two days and three nights. Officially. 4 am is barely an hour for coffee, and certainly not one for articulately viewing a baseball game. But we’ve gone into this, and who cares because baseball is on lots of channels again. Certain developments have been...

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