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Celebrating Black History Month – James Baldwin

“I often wonder what I’d do if there weren’t any books in the world.”  — James Baldwin, Giovanni’s Room   So do we, Mr. Baldwin, so do we. Or, more specifically, we wonder what we would do if there weren’t any of your books in the world. Last year,...

ENGVT Cycling

It’s official. Aaron has been kitted out with some awesome cycling gear. ENGVT Cycling gear, to be sure. Do I look great? Yes. Would I look ridiculous if I didn’t have matching socks for my jersey? Yes. Would I look a bit more professional if I put the jersey...

Show the L-O-V-E! Our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide Can Help

This is dedicated to the lovers… we’ve curated some discounted sets, special Mods and best-selling faces and straps that scream “I (HEART) YOU!” in a way flowers could never do for your sig-o. Save 30% on a 5-piece set for the special lady that makes your heart flutter. Enjoy...

The Giant Race

Starting January 1, 2014, Modify became an official licensee of Major League Baseball. You can see our MLB Watches here (scroll to the bottom of the page for team-by-team links – and sign up to be notified when they launch!). Thanks to the MLB license, we were able to...

Personalized Service

Personalized Service
Why do we do what we do? You. You are the reason we create amazing watches. But what if something during your transaction goes wrong? Well our team is here to help 100% of the way. We want to give the ModiFamily the best experience there is, and we believe...

Customizablog, Super Bowl XLVIII Edition: Because Super Bowl’s like it customized, too

The Super Bowl is this Sunday, in New York, and it’s going to be cold but probably not incredibly cold. Peyton Manning and his Denver Broncos are playing Richard Sherman and his Seattle Seahawks*. For the rest of the narrative wrap-up, currently operating Seattle sports franchises have won exactly...

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