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44 Ways To Ring In 2014

Happy 2014 ModiFamily! How about that New Years Party? We totally feel you: Ours was packed/empty/raging/boring/busted by the cops, too. But that’s all over with. 2014 is upon us! And now that it is, has anyone else noticed that 2014 has been weird? Like the University-of-Central-Florida-winning-the-Fiesta-Bowl-Weird? Yes. Yes it...

The SEED Project

Copyright Alessandro Simonetti, All rights reserved It’s a brand new year, which means a brand new Together partner, program and watch face! Instead of partnering with a new non-profit each month, we are going to stay partnered for 3 months, which will allow us the time to truly make a...

Best in Custom Design aka The Customizablog

Baseball Stitching
Here at Modify we love customizing things. You could say customization is in our DNA, but our DNA is already customized (blue and red, duh), so we’re not sure where to look to figure out that particular hypothesis. But it’s this love of customization that inspired us to bring...

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