2013 Thank You


Hello team!

Once per year Ayo lets me write to everyone. This is a big deal because, well, I’ve got a lot to say. And it’s all really interesting.

First things first: Thank you (!!) for being part of the ModiFamily. When we started Modify in 2010, we were well-aware that we weren’t the fashion mavens you’d expect from a fashion company. I generally wear a t-shirt and jeans. And a hoodie. And New Balance. It’s pretty embarrassing, but I make up for it by flossing regularly, so my folks don’t feel completely let down. The point is, we’re 3 years in and throughout that time we’ve relied on you to tell us what watches you want. Sometimes via phone call, often via Facebook voting, and now via our new Chat function on the site. Some of you (ehem, Martin, Brandon, Michael and Stephen) have designed actual watches.

2013 was an awesome year for us. We…

  • Doubled our team size (welcome Erik, Justin, Charlie and Mansie!)
  • Defined The Modify Way. This list of 7 Core Values is what we’re all about. We tried to be clear
  • Built partnerships with major brands like Major League Baseball, the NBA, Riot Games, Sega, etc.
  • Had our first international distribution partner in Singapore
  • Were featured by Good Morning America, Today Show, Lucky, Inc., Fast Company, Maxim, NY Magazine, Mashable, Women’s Health, OK!, Self, People Style Watch, E! Online and many, many more
  • Had our first major retail launch, with Best Buy

So, what’s next? You’re probably all like, “What more can you do? Haven’t you, the Modify team, accomplished all of your goals?”
Ha, we say. Great jokes, buddy.

Our mission is to enable you to tell your story in a more personal, more affordable way; we hope to help you “Show your colors”. Our watches are modular with a purpose. When you get one watch, you can get *the* watch that you want. When you get a second, you now have four; incremental pieces create exponential value. It may sound lame, but again, we will only succeed if you get exactly what you want. Sorry (we’re not sorry).

We have our eyes set on moving beyond simple modularity to true customization. Want a picture of your daughter / groomsmen / cat / artwork / social-security number (don’t do it) on a watch? We want you to get it. Coming in February (estimate), we’ll be launching a Kickstarter campaign around this.

What else will arrive soon? Welllll…

  1. Major League Baseball watches. Sign up for an update from your favorite team
  2. A new website with a new way of “Visualizing” your collection
  3. Maybe some new team members???
  4. Maybe some new product categories???

We’re just getting started. I may have added a lot of gray hair too; but there’s plenty more to go.

Get Excited,


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