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Action in Africa

Every month Modify partners with an important non-profit, one which is doing great work but about which not a wide variety of our ModiFamily may have heard. This month we are proud to support Action in Africa. This is an organization that “joins with communities in Uganda to meet...

These are a few of my favorite (fans)

We give and we give and we GIVE. [insert whining sound] And then, when we’re fed up with the ModiFamily (fake fed-up, just go with it) you go and send us care packages. Like, really cool care packages, way cooler than some colorful watches. Well, in the last few...

Awesome Watches: Because at Modify, Good isn’t Good Enough

Awesome Watches
Do you remember that moment in your childhood when you thought to yourself, “I’m tired of awesome. From now on, I’m gonna do everything I can to be good.”  No?  That’s because it never happened.  To anyone.  Ever.   As humans (or are we dancers?), we constantly strive to...

The British Are Coming, the British Are Coming!!!!

Phew. That was fun, huh? 3 weeks of voting, all capped by an incredible final that saw over 200 votes. We loved this experience so much, we wish there were another election coming up that took even longer and wasn’t free, but rather cost each side over $100m to...

Gold Mod-al Match-up! The Battle of 1776 Take-2

Congratulations to all of our contestants. We know that it’s been an intense four years of training. You’ve had to sew together flags, make sure your colors don’t clash and floss daily – gotta get that smile sparklin’. But you’ve also had some great moments too. Eating a lot...

Hangr 16 and Modify Trunk Show (August 9)!

It’s only taken us two years (not, Jeremy Piven, ten years, man). But we’re finally partnering with retailers. Right now we have four great partners in the SF Bay Area, and the newest, Hangr 16, is throwing a Trunk Show on our behalf! They seem to like our colorful...

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