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Michael Klapthor is Modify Watches’ Second WonderRoot Artist!

Michael Klapthor - Modify Watches
Modify Watches  is happy to feature its second WonderRoot artist, Michael Klapthor!  If you missed our first WonderRoot Artist, check out Kyle Brooks. For 10 years, Michael Klapthor has been working in ceramics. His robot inspiration came from childhood favorites such as Mega Man and Astro Boy.  Why? Because “they...

Modify Watches on fire at the V103 Bike and Car Show!

Modify Watches Nicole Lyons and Ashil
  Modify Watches was at one of the HOTTEST events in Atlanta last weekend. Check out the Album on Modify’s Facebook. Who was on the guest list? Usher, R Kelly, Tyrese, ModiFamily member / super-talented NHRA racer, Nicole Lyons , and of course everyone’s favorite Mod-esigner, Ashil. And not to brag,...

How Modify’s McQueen Watch Got Its Name

McQueen cover photo
Dope Watches can only have ultimately dope names. And that’s the case for the McQueen. It’s simple, it’s classic, and it’s quintessentially cool. Who else fits this bill? Steve McQueen, Mr. King of Cool. Whether he’s great escaping from a WWII POW camp or saving a village from Calvera, he gets things done.  If...

Kyle Brooks is Modify’s First Featured Artist!

Introducing our first featured Modified master of all things creative… Kyle Brooks!  Kyle Brooks is a man who “spends his time writing music, cooking toasts and making bears”. We make bears too! So who can deny this perfect match? Here at Modify, we like Brooks’ child-like perspective and relate to his interchangeable...

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